ThawSTAR® CFT2 Confirmation Vials

Item No. AST-617

ThawSTAR® Confirmation Vials are compatible with the ThawSTAR CFT2 Automated Cell Thawing System. For use before and after each thaw session to document instrument performance and audit trail.

ThawSTAR® Confirmation Vials contain glycerol. Recommended for single use only to minimize cross-contamination.

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Features & Specifications

ThawSTAR® CFT2 Confirmation Vials

Part Number: AST-617
Dimensions: 2.0 mL Cryogenic Vial
Color: Orange Liquid
Quantity: 50 per pack

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This product is for laboratory research use only. Any intended use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccines(s) may require advance regulatory clearance which is the sole responsibility of the user, as this is not a medical device that has undergone medical device registration, clearance, or approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Union, Health Canada, or the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.